Original dumps
Amiga: 32
Atari 8-bit: 6
Atari ST: 62
BBC: 4
C64 Disk: 261
C64 Tape: 746
Amstrad (CPC): 8
Dragon: 1
Mac: 59
MSX: 6
Amstrad (CPC): 8
PC: 380
Plus 4 (Disk): 1
PSX: 25
PSX2: 6
Amstrad (CPC): 8
Sord m5: 2
SVI: 1
Vic 20: 10
ZX 81: 33
ZX Spectrum: 242
CDA: 8
DVD: 6
Vinyl: 3

The Preservers is a project with the goal to dump originals of various medias.
Our dumps should be a 1:1 dump of both media and the boxes, instructions and such.
Both the raw-files and \"emulator friendly\" formats should be provided when possible.
Every dump and scan should be possible to recreate to its original state e.g print
new intructions or write a 1:1 new floppy or CD. Some of the dumps may not work without
the serialnumbers, cracks, no-cd patch and such, witch we will NOT supply!
This is NOT a warezarchive! Its a digital PRESERVATION archive and nothing else.